Thanks for reading!

I feel that someone will never be truly gone if we keep talking about them. In written word, with our voices, sharing memories and photos and love. I have toyed with the idea of a site like this for a few years now, and I recently decided it was time.

December 17, 2007. It was the worst day of some peoples lives. My parents. my siblings. My dear sister-in-law. So many members of our family and so many friends. Co workers, military members. We lost a very good person that day. His name was William Joseph Foronjy Junior. Many knew him as Bill or Billy. Some called him Thunder, the Voice, Fogger. Me? I called him Bippy.

We had a language all our own, begun as children and shared with our siblings. We have a rich history and there are so many stories I want to get out of my head and into words so one day, when I’m no longer here, the future generations will hear the stories of us, our family, and the things we loved and did.

Bill did many amazing things in his life. He was in the US Army, spent time as an EMT which lead him to nursing. He drove to lower Manhattan on his 30th birthday, 9-11-2001, and offered his help in whatever capacity was needed. This choice lead to our losing him in 2007 and while we have continued to live our lives it still feels a lot less quiet in them.

Thanks for going on this journey with me.

-Jeppy, aka Jenne 🙂



One thought on “Thanks for reading!

  1. Like so many of his family and friends, he left a mark on me. I still remember talking to him, the sound of his voice, and the minute I met him in college. He loved his wife, loved his sisters, niece, his mom, and friends so much. Like many others, I have my Bill stories and memories and he will never be forgotten. I regret that he never got to meet my kids (he met my husband though and they liked each other).

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