“So Much To Say”

My daughter Cassidy made Bill very happy. He was so excited to be there when she came into the world that he and Jenny waited the 5 days while I was in the hospital. They had to leave the morning of December 30th, 2005 and were all the way to Rhode Island (from Boston) when they got the call the Cass had FINALLY arrived. They turned around to just come and meet her. There was a very special group of people with us that morning. Having Billy meet his “Lil Niece” and seeing his reaction made me even happier. He would call me so often during my pregnancy and he was the first person I had told when I’d found out.

When Cass was a little over 6 months old, we went to Virginia Beach to visit Bill and Jenny. One of the plans we had was to bring Cass to her first concert, Dave Matthews Band – it was at an outdoor amphitheater and we had ear protection for her. One of the best memories of Bill and Cass together is him holding her and dancing to the music, especially “So Much To Say” when the lyrics go “Little feet, little hands little BAY BAY”. SO CUTE. It was heartwarming and funny. It was a great visit all around, with swimming and hanging out and letting Bill get to know Cass more.

Just the first of many memories to share. Join me and share your own!

Thanks for reading,

Jenne (aka Jeppy)


Billy and Cassidy – November 2007